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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  February 9, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 good morning cincinnati.
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3 time/temp ... 3 ahead at four-30 ...a local woman was forced to live a
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months she's getting justice ...early votes and last minute attacks ...we're following the latest on the new hampshire presidential primary're watching good morning
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3 a local elderly woman thought they were there to help her ... but things took a shocking turn, and now, justice is being served. 3 party for a good cause ... where you can have some mardi-gras fun and help local kids in need ... 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this tuesday.. john's off today.i'm bob herzog.and i'm sheila gray. the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's
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3 ((---gumm---))first wx 3
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3 people in new hampshire are already casting their votes in the first primary in the nation. the tiny towns of dixville notch, millsfield and
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to ohio governor john kasich and senator bernie sanders. weijia jiang has the latest from manchester, new hampshire 3 --nats voting-- the tiny community of dixville notch was first to vote in the new hampshire primary...and handed victory to john kasich. -nat/sot (trump) - let's have a big big victory tomorrowbut gop frontrunner donald trump is still betting on a big win a rally in manchester last night - trump repeated his 'get out the vote' message...(sot trump) she says darling i love you but i've fallen in love with another man.//i don't give a damn you gotta to get out to voteand mocked for marco rubio - for his so-called robotic performance at saturday's debate:(sot trump) i said wait, wait, wait he said that two minutes ago.// so after the fifth time, i said what the hell is going on over here? the florida senator came under fire again monday for repeating this line, moments apart, at the same event:(sot
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raising our four children in the 21st century//in the 21st century, it's becoming harder than ever to instill in your children.(standup: weijia jiang/ cbs news manchester, new hampshire) on the democratic side - hillary clinton is bracing for a fight to the finish against bernie sanders.(nat/sot) four votes for bernie sandersnone for hillary.the vermont senator already picked up a win in dixville notch overnight...and is leading clinton among female voters in the granite state.(sot clinton) i have a message to all undecided voters -- please vote with your head and your heart. people are projected to turn out to vote in record numbers despite snow in the forecast weijia jiang cbs news manchester, new hampshire. 3 one third of republican voters are still undecided in the presidential election..that's according to the latest cnn- unh- wmur poll. 3 turning to local news now ...a clermont county man is due back in court thursday after he met face to face with a woman whose grandson is accusing him of rape.michael workman is facing rape and
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accuser is just 13-years-old. the boy's grandmother spoke to us outside court about how she felt when her grandson told her what happened.we're not using the woman's name .. to help protect her grandson. 3 "i think he's a low life ... kids period" 3 the grandmother fears there could be other victims. workman's family says the accusations are nothing but lies. 3 a woman who choked a 62-year old woman until she passed out, then stole her money is expected to learn her punishment today.her accomplice was sentenced to prison yesterday ...timothy ellis admitted to kidnapping and assaulting freda underwood, and stealing her social security checks. investigators say ellis and colleen haynes offered to take care of the disabled woman.but instead, they imprisoned her and beat her for nine months. when police rescued her she
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told them she was fed one sandwich a day. 3 " they threatened if i said anything to police they would find me and kill me."underwood also had chemical burns on her hands when police found her. she says ellis and haynes forced her to clean with bleach without wearing gloves. local 12 will cover colleen 3 we're learning more about an accident involving a train and an s-u-v in boone county. dispatchers tell us the s-u-v broke down on the tracks across maher road, just off dixie highway, and the train hit it.firefighters had to rescue the driver, who was taken to u-c medical center with non life-threatening injuries.stay with local12 news and local12 dot com for any new information as we get it. 3 we're also learning more about a fire in madisonville ... crews were called to a house on winona terrace at verona avenue just after 11 last
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fireighters got it quickly under control.the fire did about 50-thousand dollars in damage to the first and second one was home at the time.investigators are now trying to figure out what sparked the blaze. 3 it's fat tuesday, and that means it's time to party in covington ...the 25th annual mardi gras for homeless children kicks off tonight at the northern kentucky convention center.there will be live music from robin lacey and de zydeco.. and food from restaurants all over the tri-state..i'll be leading the parade with wlw's mike mcconnell and grand marshal gio bernard.the fun runs from six-30 to are 60- bucks, and the money raised goes to three local shelters.
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time/temp ...casey anthony has kept a relatively low profile since she was aqcuitted in her daughter's death.but now, she's apparently trying to make a comeback with a new developments in the deadly apartment building collapse in taiwan, on good
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3 new this morning ...a taiwan developer is under arrest right now .. after an apartment complex collapsed during an earthquake.the government is looking into whether the builder cut corners ..40 people are dead from saturday's earthquake.. and more than 100 people are believed to still be under the debris.rescuers are trying to get to them using cranes, dogs, and electronic devices. crews have rescued 320 people. 3 also new this morning ... nearly five years after being cleared in the death of her daughter, casey anthony may be trying to start a new chapter in her life.state documents show a photography business called "case photography llc" was set up in her name in south florida last may be some time before the business is up and running because anthonry hasn't filed local address listed for the business belongs to the lead investigator in her 2008 murder trial. 3 more snow is expected to fall on the east coast ....
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dealing with several inches ... the national weather service says northern new england could get four to eight inches by late today or early tomorrow, as well as new york city, philly, and new jersey. by the time the storm ends, eastern massachusetts and rhode island could see up to nine inches of snow. 3 time/temp ...the bengals had their championship dreams crushed pretty early on this year ...but next post-season, things are expected to be very different ...a former bengal who died lives on in others ...the emotional reunion between his mom and those he helped, next on good
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break three hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 bengals receiver chris henry lost his life in an accident in north carolina about six years ago.but his death was not the end of his life-giving story.our brad johansen met with chris' mom, carolyn, and traveled with her to reunite with the families whose lives have been forever changed by her decision to donate her sons's a story you'll see only on local 12 news. 3 (ambulance nat)it was december on a winding carolina road that chris henry fell from the
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life. that was 6 years ago in charlotte. and for one bengals mom in cincinnati...tim e stood still.(like it was's just the beginning)the talented bengals receiver hadn't chosen on his license to be an organ donor. on december 17th 2009, carolyn was asked to choose for him.(his heart was beating so fast like his heart was beating into mine and i got out of that room and said yes, and that's when the journey began)(nat of us walking to plane...)a journey...back to where life ended.(plane shot, and landing covered by next sound)(chris loved family, that was his heart was family) it was much more than his heart..(i kept telling people it was chris henry)the feeling was overwhelming for deb benton whose husband of 42
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lungs were a match for transplant... a gift that gave james another 18 months.(so what i do now is go out on sundays and help people people the courageous decision ms glaspy made to give me more time with my father)(nat td of chris)the man teammates called slim had a touchdown celebration for his mother.. one love.. one family.(debra, ashley..ahhhh we 3 just love you)brian polk was waiting 10 years for a kidney. (it was like being a prisoner in my own body)(sound over hug... that's just something from the heart..that's just
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like for you because you said you can walk into a room and you can feel chris, yep.. i just felt my son.. ahhhh.. ) 3 donna arnold needed more than love to keep her family together.(yes i was desperate, because i didn't want to die) she needed a kidney, and a pancreas. and chris fllied her need. carolyn calls donna her best friend. and donna calls carolyn the mother she lost.(what's the feeling like when you touch her, i'm holding my baby.. i'm holding my baby.. feels good.)(i'm just happy 6 years later we see the progress, the need to live on) 3 6 years later. in the spot
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life..chris' two sons, 8 year old chris jr. and 7 year old demarcus join carolyn and their mom laney to reflect.. on how a place that created such sorrow for them, has created such joy for others. (we are family now..nothing can break us apart..we're connected)like it was yesterday,,only just the begininng 3 brad johansen reporting.tom elliot.. who received chris' lungs has since passed. we have links to *life pass it on* and *donate life ohio* at local12 dot com.hover over the news section, then look for get it now links. 3 now here's jen with a local 12 traffic alert.
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3 we have breaking news from germany.police say at least four people are dead after two trains crashed in bavaria. one train derailed and several wagons overturned. these are first pictures from the scene.we will continue to update you throughout the
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